About PathTrack

PathTrack is a high technology company developing a range of innovative low-power GPS tracking products.

The company was established in 2006 with the goal of exploiting the benefits and capabilities of GPS and ancillary low power technology in a wide range of new and emerging consumer applications. In particular, PathTrack specializes in developments of the Fastloc® GPS technology, originally developed by Wildtrack Telemetry Systems, and of which PathTrack Ltd. is the sole licensed developer.
Specifically our technology is being developed to track assets, people or animals in situations where only a very small and lightweight tracker can be used. Our unique GPS solution is designed to operate on limited battery power for many months or years without the need for recharging, or where possible to operate indefinitely using solar cells to provide the modest recharge required.

We have also combined our unique GPS technology with a custom low-power communications system to allow our devices to be reconfigured over the air as desired and also crucially to allow GPS data to be downloaded remotely. Where appropriate the communications system can also be configured to provide a near real-time tracking capability. See our Technology section for more details.
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About the Directors

Dr Ed Bryant is an electronic engineer with a PhD in Tracking Systems and 20+ years of  industrial and research experience in radio frequency design, embedded systems and digital signal processing.

Dr Brodin was previously Director of the CAA Institute of Satellite Navigation at the University of Leeds and is an expert in GPS receiver technology and embedded systems design.