Advanced location tracking solutions

For applications requiring infrequent or irregular position data Fastloc® is the world’s lowest power GPS solution. The technology is ideal for long-term battery powered tracking applications with small size and weight requirements.

PathTrack develops a range of low-power GPS tracking products around the Fastloc® technology as stand-alone devices or for integration in third-party platforms. Many system configurations are possible for different types of applications. Have a look here

Where very small tracking solutions are needed our nanoFix™ technology may be more suitable.  With GPS tags as small as 1g this technology is well suited to avian markets.  To see our variety of products based around nanoFix™ GPS visit this page.

Demonstrated in deployments worldwide

Since 2004 Fastloc® receivers have been in use by wildlife researchers around the world, providing unique insights into the behaviour of marine animals from very small penguins to sailfish. These systems are deployed to operate for months or even years at a time in very harsh conditions, making measurements in small windows of opportunity (e.g. when a marine animal surfaces to breathe) and with tight constraints in size and weight. You can review some publicly available references from here

Fastloc® technology for wildlife tracking applications is commercialized through our technology partners .
nanoFix™ technology is available directly from Pathtrack Ltd, contact us for more information.

Working with you

We believe that the unique characteristics of Fastloc® and nanoFix™ bring opportunities for many innovative solutions in different markets in applications challenging for conventional GPS positioning.
If you have an idea to integrate Fastloc® in your product, we would like to hear from you

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nanoFix™ is here!

Check out our new webpage for details.

nanoFix™ is here!


A revolution in avian tracking, nanoFix™ GPS tags are the smallest tags in their class in the world!


With 80+ locations in a 1g weatherproof package they far outperform any competing technology.


Take a look at our nanoFix™ pages for more information.


nanoFix Mini